July 2023 War is Never a Good Investment.

War Is Never a Good Investment.


More to the point: how long is it since the UK newspapers were euphoric in their applause for unlucky Ukraine’s counter offensive? Indeed, even since Bouncy Boris rushed into the irritable Bears open arms the press has suffered a painful and hysterical relapse into a plethora of “any day now.” Well almost. Fatigue has set in. Apparently, according to the flummery of scribes, the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition and fallen back to regroup for another push. It’s what happens when you sell it to a third party! Slowly there is a growing expectation among the people at large that nothing they do will materialize into any sort of success. It will be a long haul the military strategists say. Why didn’t they say that in the beginning? We have been told for the last fifteen months that Ukraine has been winning the war, but the mass of Ukraine emigres anchored in foreign parts have not the expectation of being on their way home just yet! When they do get the green light has anyone considered where they will live? Most of the cities appear to be shattered hulks - a mass of ruins! No. They won’t be going home anytime soon. Indeed, one should not be surprised if more than a few decide that the grass is decidedly greener on this side of the water and have put down roots.

 As mere spectators in this turmoil we nevertheless have a vested interest in a peaceful outcome having spent over two billion pounds with another similar amount to follow next year - according to Mr Sunak who forgets whose money this gratuitous donation is. The UK public are feeling a draught in their pockets and in tune to Net Zero are becoming a little restless. Everyone thought Net Zero referred to the climate when in fact it turned out to be the economy! After all, we were told it would all be over very soon. No one actually knows where this proclamation came from, but it has a very hollow sound to it. The UK cupboard is empty, along with its military magazine, and the printing of money, not backed up by its weight in gold, does not have the ring of ending well either. We’re in a fine kettle of fish, and need a long hard look to see just how we came to be in it.

There’s no question that Russia sent the West signals that the political situation was deteriorating in Ukraine. Indeed, the reason why Russian soldiers and tanks appeared on the Ukrainian border, and then sat there doing nothing for so long, letting sundry western military pensioners wax lyrical on army manoeuvres while completely missing the point.  Mr Putin did not want NATO missiles in Eastern Europe - echoing Mr Kennedy’s sensitivity to Russian missiles in Cuba. Remember that? Intelligent people should have been able to work that equation out. Apparently, the UK government did not, continuing to follow the leader of the western world whose grey matter has slowly evaporated. Ditto the UK press who, if not asleep at the wheel, have their heads under the bonnet. A school boy could have told them that Prigozhin was going nowhere, certainly not to Moscow, having quickly fled to Belarus, before being forgiven by allowing the filtering of his troops into the Russian army where they’ll be put to better use guarding the new frontier. Zelensky meanwhile continues to demand more missile systems, having suffered heavy losses already, and no one seems ready to tell him that offensive is where you throw a lot of someone else’s cash around, and defence is where you save it, just protecting your assets. No one in the west seems to have estimated how many Ukrainian soldiers have to be lost before they call it a day, nor where the money’s coming from to rebuild a country that will almost have been levelled to the ground! One can hazard a guess, that at this point, Mr Zelensky will probably be nowhere to be found!

It's also politic to remember that Ukraine is not just one country but actually split into two - Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking, and they don’t necessarily get along with each other, so that when the United States, along with the European Union, had a hand in ousting the legally elected Russian leaning Prime Minister, Yannkovich, the result is where we are now, bank rolling an amateur soldier and president in a civil war he has little hope of winning. The British people will cheer him on because the government is cheering him on because Mr Biden is cheering him on, and only one of them has a real reason for using Zelensky as the fall guy. On the face of it, Russia seems to have achieved its primary tactical aim of splitting the Ukraine into two, and is now determined to engineer a stalemate on this front finally forcing Zelensky into peace talks that will achieve such an accord. Sadly, the United States is no arbiter, and siren voices are no longer a whisper. Send them the cluster bombs before they go rusty! Mr Biden et al have a lot at stake if those pesky Nikita wannabees turn up in Kiev and get their hands on any Burisma documents. Not that anyone thinks Biden’s in charge anymore. Fighter jets are not cheap, and they’re guaranteed to lose most of them, given the pilots are mostly learner drivers. But there’s the rub. What happens when they fail? The reluctance of most European nations to get in too deep demonstrates that they know this is Mr Biden’s proxy war, one they’re far from sure will succeed, and that one more notch up might be curtains for us all! No one seems to take heart in the fact that Biden’s absolutely sure that Russia is clearly losing the war in IRAQ!

Which means someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings, and thus we all know this will end badly for the west!